How does CellPC Work?

CellPC is extremely easy to use. CellPC requires a cell phone or handheld device with email or web capabilities. CellPC has a large set of built-in (and customizable) commands that you can send via email to your computer using your CellPC email account you are provided after purchasing. Our network retrieves your command and sends it to your computer, which then executes and notifies you of command completion (if necessary). Commands execute in just a few seconds. CellPC can operate in a secure, password protected manner so unauthorized users cannot send commands to your computer if they know your CellPC email account address.

Will CellPC Work for Me?

CellPC can work with any Windows computer as long as it has a steady internet connection while the software is running. However, to use interact with CellPC on your computer from your wireless device, it must meet the following requirements:

To Send Commands your device must be able to

Access the command interface on our website
-- or --
Send email messages

To Interact with your Computer optimally, your device must be able to

Receive plaintext emails (for command responses and confirmations)

Receive emails with image and file attachments (for screenshot and file retrieval commands)

If you want to verify that CellPC will work with your device, please contact us so we can have you send us a test message from your phone.

CellPC Members

Click here to send a command to your computer.

See how CellPC Works

Click here to see how CellPC works!


Wireless Device w/ Email

Any Device w/ Email

1MB Drive Space

An Internet Connection

Windows (All)

Most Email and Web-based Email sending is compatible with CellPC. Contact us if you want us to verify your email account works with CellPC.

15-day Money Back Guarantee

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