Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding our software licensing can be found here.

1. What is a license and how does it work?

A license is the permission to use our software on one computer. If you wish to use our software on more than one computer you must purchase an additional license - using the same license for more than one computer would not work.

2. Can I get more licenses after purchasing my initial set?

Yes, please visit our order page and select the 'additional computer' license purchase to purchase a new license for another computer.

3. Can I stop CellPC on one computer and use it on another without violating my license?

Yes, you can transfer licenses between computers, as long as the software is only on one computer at a time.

4. Do licenses require yearly renewals?

Yes, CellPC is subscription based and has to be renewed every year to continue service.



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Wireless Device w/ Email

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1MB Drive Space

An Internet Connection

Windows (All)

Most Email and Web-based Email sending is compatible with CellPC. Contact us if you want us to verify your email account works with CellPC.

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