CellPC's Remote Command Features

CellPC comes packed with many useful features that allow you to control your remote computer's file system, view running programs and open windows, close running programs and open windows, get screenshots of user activities, send messages, lock or shutdown the computer, perform custom commands, and more - all by sending a simple email from your wireless device to your target computer.

File System Searching and Management

Have you ever needed to access a file on your computer at home or work, but did not have your computer with you, or any way to remotely connect to that computer to retrieve it?

CellPC allows you to remotely search your computer for specific files, and list all files by extension or search term. Searches can be performed on specific directories only, or your entire computer. Once a search query is completed you are emailed a file list that you can request, delete, or execute files from by using simple commands. If you see a file you need you can simply send a file request and have that file sent directly to your wireless device.

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Active Windows and Applications Management

Would you like to remotely peek in from work or a remote location and see what users are doing on your computer? Want to see if your child is running a game instead of doing homework?

CellPC gives you the ability to have a list of all open windows or running applications on your remote computer sent directly to your wireless device. With the list of open windows or applications you can quickly respond and close any open window or application that you wish.

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System Shutdown, Restart, Logoff Commands

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could remotely turn off, reboot, or logoff your computer from afar? Maybe thunderstorm is threatening while you are out and you want to turn off your home computer?

CellPC allows you to remotely shutdown, restart, or logoff the computer from afar with a simple command from your wireless device.

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Complete Computer Lockdown Management

Have you ever wanted to remotely lockdown your computer, but not log it off or shut it down, while you were away? Perhaps you just realized (using CellPC's screenshot command) that someone is doing something on your computer they should not?

CellPC allows you to quickly remote lock or unlock your computer. When your computer is locked the mouse will be frozen, all windows are inaccessible, Windows' Start menu and task bar are removed, and the desktop is disabled.

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View a Screenshot of the Remote Computer

Do you want to know what users are doing on your computer from afar - but do not have the ability to directly connect to it? Do you need to check in on a child or employee?

CellPC allows you to remotely view a screenshot taken of the remote computer's desktop. The screenshot will show you exactly what the user of your remote computer is doing.

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Send a Message to the Remote Computer

Do you need to drop a note to, or send a reminder to the user of the remote computer, and want them to see it instantly, and not wait for them to receive it via email?

CellPC allows you to remotely send a message to the remote user. The message is displayed instantly by the CellPC software for the user to read.

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Custom, Configurable Remote Commands

Besides giving you all the above abilities with built-in commands, you can also create your own commands to perform common tasks. CellPC's command editor can create commands to run specific files, delete files, send files to your wireless device, perform specific searches without having to send the entire search command, and also run specific applications that perform tasks for you - such as an automated backup program.

CellPC's command editor also lets you disable/enable any of the built-in and custom commands from use at any time so they cannot be executed remotely.

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CellPC's Alerting and Security Features

CellPC is a powerful remote control and administration tool that contains necessary and essential security features to prevent unwanted access and use. These features include password protection, logon command security, events logging, and computer activity alerting.

Password Protection and Command Security

CellPC is a powerful tool, and thus must offer protection from possible unwanted use. CellPC's command execution process can be set to require a logon password before you can send commands from your wireless device to the remote computer. Once you verify your password with your wireless device your computer will accept commands from you. If an unwanted user tries to send commands to your computer, they will not execute, and they will not get any messages in return.

CellPC's actual software can also be password protected so users cannot close or stop CellPC. All options, command editing, and event log viewing is password protected as well.

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Computer Usage Activity Alerting

CellPC can act as an 'alarm system' for your computer. It can be set to patiently wait for any activity to occur on your computer. If a user does anything on your computer, it will wait a few seconds to see what they did, and then will send you a screenshot, along with a list of all running programs and open windows so you can take action and respond to the computer usage if it is unwanted or malicious.

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Event Logging

CellPC has a powerful built-in event logger that logs every action that occurs with CellPC. It will show you when the program was started and closed. It will show you what events were executed - along with the email address of the remote user that sent the command and when. Failed access attempts and invalid commands are logged as well so you can make sure no one is trying to get into your computer. All event logs can be saved for later viewing and printing.

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CellPC's Ease of Use Features

CellPC is an easy to use software application that requires no learning curve to operate and is packed with helpful documentation.

No Learning Curve Necessary

CellPC is designed to be as easy to use as possible. CellPC will start listening for commands whenever it is started - only minimal configuration (configuring your CellPC account information) is needed to get started. The very first time you run CellPC you will be given a walk-through of the settings. All features are easily accessed from CellPC's system tray menu by the Windows clock.

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Extensive Help Documentation

CellPC comes with help documentation that explains every feature in the program. The help documentation also covers how to send commands to your computer, how to login if you have password protected logins enabled, and more.

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Will CellPC Work for Me?

CellPC can work with any Windows computer as long as it has a steady internet connection while the software is running. However, to use interact with CellPC on your computer from your wireless device, it must meet the following requirements:

To Send Commands your device must be able to

Access the command interface on our website
-- or --
Send email messages

To Interact with your Computer optimally, your device must be able to

Receive plaintext emails (for command responses and confirmations)

Receive emails with image and file attachments (for screenshot and file retrieval commands)

If you want to verify that CellPC will work with your device, please contact us so we can have you send us a test message from your phone.

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Wireless Device w/ Email

Any Device w/ Email

1MB Drive Space

An Internet Connection

Windows (All)

Most Email and Web-based Email sending is compatible with CellPC. Contact us if you want us to verify your email account works with CellPC.

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