CellPC Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding CellPC can be found here.

1. What versions of Windows does CellPC support?

CellPC can be used on all Windows versions as long as you have an internet connection.

2. How does CellPC work?

CellPC is very simple to use. When you purchase CellPC you will be given a CellPC account to configure the CellPC software with. You then send emails from your cellular/wireless device to your-username@gocellpc.com with appropriate commands in the subject line. CellPC will receive these commands on your computer and perform the actions and send a confirmation (if required).

3. Do I need my email client open for CellPC to work?

No, CellPC uses its own internal email system - it does not require any third party email clients.

4. What is preventing someone from guessing my username and controlling my computer?

You can password protect CellPC's command execution so that you have to login to the computer first with a secure command before being able to issue commands to it. Commands executed without logging in first, in this case, would be discarded and the remote user's email would be logged so you can see who was trying to gain access to your computer.

5. How fast does CellPC execute commands?

Depending on your internet speed, wireless carrier speed, traffic delays, and other external factors, CellPC's average response time will be 5-15 seconds after you send the command to your computer.

6. What devices are supported?

Any device that can send an email with a subject line can use CellPC. This includes cellular phones, handheld devices, and other computers. If you want to verify that your device works with the CellPC network please contact us and we will help you determine if your device will work.

Not all wireless devices support file attachments, rendering screenshot and file retrieval commands useless. If you are unsure of your devices capabilities please contact us and we will help you determine if your device will work.

7. I sent a command but did not receive a confirmation!

This can happen for several reasons. You may have configured CellPC to not send a confirmation for commands that do not require a response email (i.e.: shutdown, restart, logoff, sendmessage, etc.). You may have forgot to login first if you are using the secure login option for CellPC. You may have disabled that command in CellPC's command editor. Lastly, you may have mistyped the command.

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Wireless Device w/ Email

Any Device w/ Email

1MB Drive Space

An Internet Connection

Windows (All)

Most Email and Web-based Email sending is compatible with CellPC. Contact us if you want us to verify your email account works with CellPC.

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